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The Engine to Win Net-Zero Race
Drone Show with a Purpose - Safety & Security


Innovative Drone Solution Designed for Optimal Efficiency and Affordability.

Our innovative drone solution is designed for optimal efficiency and affordability to tackle the inefficiencies of today's oil and gas industry: inefficient operations, infrequent inspection, inconsistent and inaccurate results, detrimental environmental pollution, and the lack of control in infrastructure conditions and emission levels.

Revolutionize Energy Industry with Our Drone Technology
Oil & Gas Benefits


Affordable. Scalable. Efficient. Safety.

Our innovative solution features a multi-drone hierarchy, automated data acquisition and analysis, frequent inspections, and the ability to revisit previous points of time in infrastructures inspection. 

Multi-Drone Hierarchy 

More data, less time.

Soter's unique drone hierarchy with multiple drones working together at the same time results in timely, scalable, and accurate data collection.

Autonomous Data Acquisition 

Scalable. Low Cost. Less Time.

Reduce inspection and analysis time up to hours to days with our autonomous drone intelligence.

24/7 Inspections

Take action before it is too late.

Soter's drones perform 24/7 autonomous inspections, outscoring human capabilities while improving early anomaly detection.

Leak Detection-3.png
Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 11.54.25 AM.png

Revisit a Point in Time 

Know Your Infrastructure.

Visit previous points of time for instant comparisons combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) anomaly detections like never before.

Meet the Founding Team

Accomplished and seasoned team with cumulative two centuries worth of experience in Business and Engineering.


Tara Javidi

Co-Founder, CTO/CSO


Massoud Shirazian

Chief Data Scientist, AI/ML

Sam Headshot.png

Sam Bigdeli

Founder & CEO


Nader Sadrzadeh

Board Advisor


Brian L. Hinman

Co-Founder, Board Advisor

Kayvan Alikhani

Board Advisor

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Behzad Samadi

Vice President of Engineering

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Inteligent Robots For All

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